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    Meet a Mermaid by Mail

    $29.95 — $99.95

    Mermaids love to meet humans. Since not everyone can join us to search for mermaids, our mermaid friends have offered to write to those that are too far away to visit. We will pass your information on to the mermaids so that you can get your very own unique and personalized signed and sealed letter and photograph from a real mermaid. If you are up for a real adventure you can request a treasure hunt which they will send for you to do at home. When you pass the test, you will receive your very own treasure chest full of treasure that the mermaid has collected for you!

    Options and Details:

    1st Personalized Letter includes: A letter from a mermaid and a 5×7 photograph

    2nd Personalized Letter includes: a return letter from a mermaid, just in case you decide to write back after you receive your first letter.  This allows us to give your mermaid friend the supplies and help she needs to write you a return letter .  If you have already received a 1st letter from a mermaid and would like her to write you back again, then this is the option to choose.

    Treasure Hunt by Mail includes: 1st personalized letter from a mermaid and at home treasure hunt, return shipping package for you to return the requested items you found to the mermaid, 2nd personalized return letter from mermaid, 5×7 photograph, and treasure package delivered to your home.  (The treasure hunt has an added shipping fee in order to handle the extra packages that will be shipped.)

    IMPORTANT:  in the Personalize box below, please fill in the following information separated by commas for the person wishing to meet a mermaid by mail. Full Name, age, gender, your relation to them, the occasion for this gift, and 1-3 sentences containing special details about their love for mermaids, or something they would like the mermaid to know. 

    Please note the shipping address used during the checkout process will be the contact information used for the mermaid to contact you 


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