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    Letter from a Leprechaun


    Leprechauns are little tricksters who love to give wishes and gold to anyone lucky enough to catch them. ┬áThis St. Patrick’s Day you can catch your very own leprechaun. When you purchase a leprechaun letter, we will deliver your name to the secret Leprechaun forest. The little prankster that gets your name will be sure to pay you a visit this St. Pattie’s Day and will be happy to leave you a handwritten personal letter introducing himself. With any luck he will bring you a pot of gold from the end of his rainbow! Be sure to check out our fairy section where you can order other unique leprechaun treasures.

    Order by Tuesday, March 11, and choose PRIORITY MAIL to get in time for St. Patrick’s Day!

    IMPORTANT: In the Personalized Details box below please fill in the following information separated by commas for the person who will be receiving the letter. Full Name, age, gender, your relationship to the recipient, and 1-3 sentences explaining something special about the recipient and leprechauns or st. patrick’s day.

    Leprechaun gold, pot, and paper
    Personalized Letter from a leprechaun & 1 pot of leprechaun gold

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