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  • La Sirena Silverplate Fork Bracelet

    La Sirena Silverplate Fork Bracelet


    This striking La Sirena fork bracelet was made in honor of our mermaid friends who are a little infatuated with forks we have noticed.  This beautiful bracelet is designed and hand formed from an actual antique silver plate dinner fork by jewelry designer, Mary Andrews. Original handle marking include 1847 Rogers Bros XII silver plate with ornate “Siren” mermaid design at base of handle. The base of this bracelet’s handle cleverly conceals the design of a mermaid.  Wear her around your wrist and listen to her sirn songs guiding your every move.

    Each bracelet is a one of a kind design and will vary slightly.  To adjust, simply pull open from both sides, slip around wrist and squeeze to fit personal shape of wrist.

    fork (silver metal)

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