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  • Photographer for Mermaid Treasure Hunt Tells his Tale

    Yes, it’s a treasure hunt, but the real treasure here is what the children feel when they finally meet a mermaid. I’m a seasoned photojournalist, wedding photographer, and an artist who loves to paint people. When Britany first asked me to photograph for I Believe in Mermaids, my first thought was, “What a great opportunity to shoot mermaids!” However, since the very first treasure hunt that I photographed, I realized the magic is in the eyes of the little ones.

    The sparkle they have, not just in their eyes but in their very soul, as they take a class about mermaids is so contagious that I always catch myself – and everyone else – smiling. If the children are lucky they will find clues and letters that lead them to different sites, finding clue after clue, their excitement builds until they find a treasure full of ocean trinkets from all parts of the world. But the best is yet to come. To this day, even I get goose bumps as we approach a mermaid.

    From far away, as the children walk holding each other’s or their parents’ hands, we all can hear the singing or splashing from the mermaid. No one speaks, you can hear the heartbeat from the little ones, see their eyes bulge, it’s incredible. Every child acts differently when they see a mermaid for the first time. Some giggle, laugh, smile or won’t stop asking questions, others hide or won’t speak at all. But they all leave with an everlasting impression.

    And just like humans, each mermaid has their own personality and talents. Some of the mermaids are true singers, others have a natural talent with children, some like to tell jokes, and some are a bit serious. But contrary to popular belief, they do not eat sailors, and all of them love humans. They just have to trust in humans before showing their true selves. Seeing the children glow as they meet a mermaid is the real reward for doing this job. It’s priceless!

    I feel really fortunate to be part of this. Britany tells me often that parents call her all the time to let her know their child will not stop talking about the experience. Some even return for a second hunt.


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