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  • Catch a Leprechaun this St. Pattie’s Day


    Do you believe in Fairies and Leprechauns too?  Since discovering mermaids our lives have been opened up to a whole other realm of mystical beings, including Fairies and Leprechauns! In honor of St. Patrick’s Day we would like to invite you to take advantage of our Mermaid-Leprechaun connection.

    One of our good mermaid friends was born in the Irish Sea off the Isle of Man, the center of leprechaun and fairy tales.  She amassed many leprechaun and fairy friends over her years growing up there.  Some of her leprechaun friends have expressed interest in connecting with new human friends. They love to play tricks, and leave chatty letters and little gold treasures for those clever enough to believe in them.

    This St. Patrick’s Day will be a day that your family will always remember when it is celebrated with a visit from a leprechaun!  When you purchase a Letter from a Leprechaun, we will deliver your name to the secret leprechaun forest where a lucky little leprechaun will happily snatch it up.  You can expect a visit from this little trickster, where he will introduce himself with a personalized letter and top it off with a little pot of his leprechaun gold! This precious letter and treasure is one of a kind and will definitely leave some Irish eyes a smiling.

    To get a leprechaun to visit your home click here!

    Visit our Fairy Inspired section where we have some other fun little St Patrick’s Day items for you to enjoy. Check out our darling Leprechaun Tea Set, or some Celtic Dance Music to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  We have Fairy Lullabies for your wee little ones, and magic dust to transport you to Fairy land in your dreams.


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