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    Yes, our Mermaid Experts can help you become a mermaid too!

    Our mermaid friends taught us that anyone can be a mermaid in their own unique way, as long as you believe in yourself. Whether you were born on land or in the water, We are here to help all mermaid lovers, boys, and girls with their own special mer-journey.

    With a little help from our mermaid friends, we gathered all kinds of mermaidyness and have it all ready to assist you in your transformation.

    If you are a two-legged mermaid, we have tails that can help you shape shift in the water.  If you are a spell-singer, we have mermaid music that will take you back to your ship-luring days. We have everything from mermaid jewelry to mermaid hair. We even have beautiful mermaid art to decorate your mermaid haven.

    We also have plenty of items for boys wishing to become a merman.

    And since we know that wherever mermaids are there is bound to be a pirate or fairy friend nearby we have included some special pirate and fairy items as well.


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