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    On that night, under the full moon we saw her swimming in the ocean! It took our breath away!

    In 2007 during a family trip to Kauai, my daughter and my niece told me they were going to see a real mermaid. They studied a book about mermaids and searched for signs all over the island. I thought it was so sweet and innocent but had no idea that what they said would change our lives forever. One day at a very special location it actually happened! They found a bottle with a letter from a mermaid. I was shocked to say the least!

    We spent days following the mermaid’s riddles, going from place to place around the island. After visiting many locations, the girls found a magical treasure chest full of trinkets that the mermaid had buried just for them! A note inside the chest told them where the mermaid would be. We went searching for her, and on that night, under the full moon we saw her, a real mermaid, swimming in the ocean! It took our breath away! To our delight and surprise we got to meet her, and although she was shy, and we were practically speechless, she introduced herself and told us a little about mermaids.

    That was the beginning of our complete enchantment with mermaids. From that night on we have searched endlessly  to find more. We began diligently studying everything we could to help us know more about these magical mer-folk. After a few years we eventually met  a second, then a third. After  meeting more than a few mermaids, we agreed to help them become friends with others who believe in them. They allow me to photograph them, but only under very special circumstances in order to help them establish a positive relationship with humans.

    I have created this site in honor of mermaids and to  help all mermaid believers come together with these mystical creatures.  I invite you to join us here in our admiration for the mer-world, because . . .

    Life becomes magical when you believe!


    a.k.a. Mermaid Whisperer

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